Diluvio Shows:

Date/Time: Feburary 14th, 8:00pm
Venue: Luna's Cafe and Juice Bar
Address: 1414 16th St, Sacramento
Cover: $5
Contact: (916) 441-3931
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Andrew Houston
British musician Andrew Houston started playing guitar at the age of 14, forming his very first band at 15 with drummer Paul Lindsay. Soon he was performing in bars and clubs throughout his hometown of Newcastle, England. His interest in playing bass led to a collaboration on several recordings with guitarist David Ross, singing and experimenting with dual bass guitars and heavy rhythms. The duo garnered a lot of interest with their unique music, which was a harder-edged precursor to current mainstream trends.

In 1988, Andrew joined British group "Candleman Summer" and enjoyed a successful career recording and playing live in some of England's most popular venues. The band, who released records for the Ballyhoo label and had a publishing deal with BDM, soon became firmly established on the London live circuit and made numerous TV and radio appearances. Andrew gained great experience working with some of England's finest musicians and producers.
However, he had always wanted to make music in the USA. He came to California with an interest in producing songs for other artists, as well as in writing and producing his own songs. Quickly recruited by Sacramento band "Carbon 14," he began performing in local venues, and provided bass tracks for their new CD. He also began writing music for well-known poet Joe Montoya, whom he performs with regularly.

Currently, Andrew is excited to be playing bass for Sacramento's organic world music band Diluvio! as well as talented chanteuse Larisa Bryski--helping to push her career forward with numerous live shows in promotion of her debut CD.

Andrew's ultimate goal is to become an established music producer, but as a true musician and performer, he remains open to the road ahead.