Diluvio Shows:

Date/Time: Feburary 14th, 8:00pm
Venue: Luna's Cafe and Juice Bar
Address: 1414 16th St, Sacramento
Cover: $5
Contact: (916) 441-3931
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Brian Fischer
Brian literally had to be dragged out of the music closet. After a long hiatus from madrigal and other choral music, Krishna pulled the music out of him. He has maintained lead and back-up singing duties for Diluvio since the inception of the band. His love of funk, blues, and jazz is elevated in Diluvio’s world compositions introducing traditional instruments and languages to Brian’s singing repertoire and often expresses itself in his many improvisational moments during performances. Needless to say, Diluvio has been a life altering and challenging experience for Brian returning to music and anchoring him to a different rhythm.

Brian also brings his passion and background in building and promoting community. He sees Diluvio less as a band and more as a small, always growing community. The music and poetry succeeds when it brings people together and impacts people with the band members’ ideas on our world.