Diluvio Shows:

Date/Time: Feburary 14th, 8:00pm
Venue: Luna's Cafe and Juice Bar
Address: 1414 16th St, Sacramento
Cover: $5
Contact: (916) 441-3931
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Hop on for the RIDE and get your GROOVE on early in the year with the eclectic, vibrant sounds of Diluvio! Their original pieces range from reggae and jazz to salsa and samba.

Diluvio! is a pan global poetry and world view musical ensemble which features the talents of Julian Russell Brown, Andrew Houston, Krishna Harrison-Munoz, Arthur Chinchera, Brian Fischer, Patricio Morales and Gilberto Rodriguez. Diluvio! infuses Spanish, English, and Portuguese into Afro-Cuban, Carribean, South American, Australian and Middle Eastern melodies to create an uplifting sound all their own. Utilizing instruments from Africa, Peru, Ecuador, Egypt, Cuba, Brazil and Australia, the passion of Diluvio! will enthrall and empower you.

Diluvio! is a purposeful alliteration from the Spanish diluvia, meaning the rains before the flood, a deluge of music and poetry. From the experimental Aboriginal “didj bath” to the frenetic Brazilian berimbau, Diluvio! springs forth from that inevitable dialogue between the timelessness of traditional instruments, poetry, and song to the imposition of the present multicultural language of modern world music and fusion. Diluvio! is as much a conversation about society as it is about music and poetry. The ensemble uses this language of music and poetry to celebrate the idea and power of “Conscious Community” spreading in Sacramento and around the world.

More than a band, Diluvio! creates the context for this community educating by entertaining, elevating by interacting with one another and the audience. Passivity is not an option. Through each piece, Diluvio! hopes to travel with you to distant lands and unfamiliar histories only to fly full circle to explore the rivers and landscape of Sacramento. Diluvio! is that cycle of flood and rebirth and looks forward to dancing with you in the coming year!

Come experience and enjoy Diluvio!’s artful combination of poetry and music firmly rooted in classical, global traditions and informed by creative proposals and modern mixtures.